Dosije izdanja On Equality & Liberty and Their Contemporary Legal Meaning Jasminka Hasanbegović (ed.) e-Book is freely awailable.Paper copy price: 830 RSD.. Product #: 978-86-6047-377-8 Regular price: 1.100 RSD 1.100 RSD

On Equality & Liberty and Their Contemporary Legal Meaning

Jasminka Hasanbegović (ed.)

e-Book is freely awailable.
Paper copy price: 830 RSD

Do you know how to find the balance between liberty and equality by means of rule of law at the international level? Based on the assumption that the claim to equality entails more than recognition and respect of other persons, would you know how to articulate social justice, human freedom and the good in a society? Can the right to do moral wrong be justified? Are you familiar with the relationship between the principles of equality, equity and differentiated responsibilities in the specific context of international environmental law? And do you know how equality and liberty may contribute to the theoretical debate on the definition of a secular state? Perhaps you have heard that securing free and equal access to water for individuals is foremost an objective of international water law, but do you know what community of interest is, and how its theoretical framework can contribute to the creation and implementation of rules that can achieve this objective? Do you know what is relational perspective in legal methodology , and what the result of its application can be in a concrete legal case involving child custody?... If you responded with “Yes, I know that.” to all of these questions, then this is not a book for you. However, if not, perhaps you can find something interesting in the herein offered responses and the arguments backing them. – Jasminka Hasanbegović (ed.)

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